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Construction Services

World Trade Center

New York, NY

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

What We Do



Drawing from decades of experience we have developed the versatility to handle any needs, including:

  • Standard drywall partitions

  • Fire-rated partitions

  • Elevator shaft walls

  • Vent shaft enclosures

  • Lead-lined partitions

  • Fascias, ceilings & soffits

  • Metal fabrications

  • Sound attenuation systems


Acoustic/Specialty Ceilings

CAS uses the latest technologies and cost-effective materials to ensure a space not only looks beautiful but sounds flawless, specializing in:

  • Acoustic ceiling systems

  • Hang point suspension systems

  • Radius metal ceilings

  • Wood & panel ceilings

  • Pre-engineered ceiling systems




Architectural millwork offers a unique, warm touch to any commercial space. CAS can help create a personable new look for your building or restore and preserve historical woodwork. Millwork services include:

  • Pre-finished millwork & paneling installation

  • Mantels, cornices & molding

  • Kitchens, cabinets & vanities

  • Wood doors, shelves & bases



Carpentry is the foundation of our trade, and at CAS we are well-equipped to handle all carpentry needs, including:

  • Temporary safety protections as required by federal, state, and local regulations

  • Temporary protection of finishes

  • Temporary construction as required throughout all stages of a project

  • Rough carpentry to include blocking associated with the finished work of other trades

  • Finish carpentry to include the installation of kitchen cabinets, doors, frames and hardware, running trim, etc.


Exterior Wall Systems

CAS can provide services on the most sophisticated designs of today’s composite exterior wall assemblies, using:

  • Exterior light gauge framing/sheathing

  • Both stick-built and panelized 

  • Air and vapor barriers

  • State of the art fluid and spray-applied systems (ABAA-approved contractor)

  • Rain-screen and composite materials metal panels and other finishes

CAS specializes in projects from all building sectors including high-rise design requiring high wind-load capacity and Anti-Terrorism Force Protection requiring blast design on federal projects.


Pre-Construction Services

Before a project begins, CAS helps to define scopes of work, and alternative materials and methods, to best serve the needs of the owner and design team.

Using planning tools such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Building Information Modeling (BIM) and our proprietary CASim software, we reduce costs and ensure a seamless transition from project start to completion.


CAS also has extensive experience in LEED projects and has LEED AP certified employees on staff.

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